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Project Birmingham helps local Creatives&Artists showcase their work and grow a community, investing in themselves and their city.

Project Birmingham was inspired by the vibrant cultural scene in the city, and a will to capture , share and enjoy it with a wider audience.

 For the past 3 years, our events and projects have been showcasing local creative talent, bringing together music, art, performance, food & drink at a range of unique venues around the city.


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 - Community -


Everything we believe in, and everything we do would not be possible without the talented individuals from the Birmingham community. 


Working together, we are able to host such memorable events, & create fantastic projects. Here's how we're making a difference in your city...



- Blog -


A chronicle of some of the awesome things we've been thinking and doing.

A mix of works inspired by and documenting the city.


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Want to be involved? We want to hear from you.

We're always looking to meet with and work with people from all over the city. Whether you want to display your work at or even help run an event, develop a creative project, or want to be involved in growing our community - start by saying hello to us. We want to hear from you.

After all, it's your city too.