There and back again

There and back again

On the same click clacking train

Dissecting humble territories

A page of national allegories


The mark of every civilisation

A country's heart of industrialisation

Conventions and inventions

Mighty roads and disparate stations


Sheltering people in desperate situations

Passed by suits of higher expectations

Financial, law, governance and retail

Landlords holding out for future resale


The second city is up and coming 

Just waiting for HS2 to be up and running

A couple more gentrified bars and flats

And the London piper will be bringing the rats 


And under the new crumpled canopy

Commercial commuting and cctv 

the train hoppers and the drop shoppers 

The nine to fivers and the pill poppers 


Existing together impossibly 

A social standard of hypocrisy 

Long lasting, contrasting

through the IRA bomb blasting 


This old shoddy modern city

Is begging to be forged by more than privacy

Stretching for open waters and cultural piracy

I will take what is mine from the good and the bad I see 


And I will write it on pages

Edited suitably for the digital ages

Like the lunar men before me, Old Bill and the Blinders

My words are more than nostalgic reminders 


The even streets between south and north

the uneven tow paths through Great Britain's source

Lifeful art painted in colourful greys

Loss and gain all nights and all days.