Second city sunshine

On the coast of Spain

Life is rich and calm and warm

Not an inch of rain


Flags of red and yellow

Fly in every square

Life is proud and bright and hot

Passionate with care


Proud of where they’ve come from

Their community

Life is then and here and now

Their identity


Seeking independence

From the rest of Spain

Life is hope and strength and wit

Barca will sustain


Catalan emotion

Steady as the tide

Life is want and will and wish

Strength of civic pride


Second city grayscale

Far from any coast

Life is dour and dark and real

When it rains the most


Occasionally St. George

Drapes from windows high

Life is tall and hard and cool

Image to defy


Proud of where we’ve come from

Living in our past

Life is dirt and brick and rust

Never going to last


Seeking identity

Uprising of some

Life is us and now and here

Signs of change to come


Brummies brim with passion

Shout it far and loud

Life is this and one and all

Stand up and be proud


- James Cronin