- Projects -

Investing in creativity.

It's not all about those once in a life time experiences, sometimes it's about leaving something more. A legacy. Our projects aim to help creatives realise their ambitions and getting a part of them out in the world. 

Here are some of things we're up to at the moment. If you want to be involved, please get in touch.


#1: The Key

We wanted to give something back to the community. A small token that they could keep & really feel like a part of all of this.

This project took almost a year from start to finish. As a group, we had settled on the idea of sourcing a bunch of keys that we would glam up to hand out at our next event. Finding a thousand keys was a harder task than first thought. Having called around a whole host of locksmiths, Jimmy (James Cronin) got a call from a guy we'd spoken to offering us some old car keys. And as quickly as that, we ended up with this bulging, heavy bag of the coolest recycled car keys we had ever seen.



The keys alone were pretty cool, but they didn't say 'Project Birmingham'. We wanted people to keep them - to treasure them. And as luck would have it, a couple of months later we met Darren (@DESKILLUSTRATIONS). Darren was a poet and illustrator, who had penned these awesome illustrations of buildings around the city.

And that was it. We discussed the designs over a couple of months. Darren introduced us to the guys at Rope Press, who were happy to be involved in the project. Fast-forward again and half-a-dozen of us were crowded around a coffee table in Joe and Kesh's flat hole-punching, tying and scribbling. Our own little production line.

It took hours to do the first couple of hundred, but it was fantastic to see the vision come together. Now at every event, we try and weave string around the venue so people can help themselves to the hanging keys. 

#2: The Anthology

A collection of poetry, inspired by the sights and sounds of Birmingham.

It is impossible to completely ignore the environment in which art is created. A few of members of the Project Birmingham team have found themselves using their passion and experiences of Birmingham as their muse. 

Birmingham's poetry scene is absolutely buzzing at the moment. Every week there is something to engage with, whether it's Howl in Moseley or Poetry Jam in the city centre. Spoken word is on the tip of everyone's tongue. 

We want to bring together and publish a collection of Birmingham based poetry. If you would like to contribute a piece, please get in touch.